Immersive Digital Environment

A Spine-rendered indoor environment

Building Digital Places

In order to present an immersive experience within a digital world, 3D graphics, surround sound, animations and perhaps an imaginative venue, are used to convince the user that they are somewhere else - a place designed by a digital environment modeller - who could be an engineer, a programmer, or an artist.

Set the scene

A virtual place or experience could be designed to model reality, or a completely abstract fantasy.
The goal of the designer is to create a scene that thoroughly involves the participant, that immerses him or her as much as possible in order to better achieve the aim of the presentation.

Moreover, the number of hardware devices ultimately used to present the final experience could range from 1 into the millions...

These experiences can be used to entertain, plan, present, prototype, inform, to educate others and allow us to express ourselves.

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