The Spine Software Development Kit:


Welcome to the Spine Framework SDK. This package allows you to create computer applications that incorporate high-fidelity immersive digital environments.

The Spine SDK is a suite of software libraries, components, documentation and examples that enables you to harness the multimedia and networking components of a modern computing system.

Spine is still under development and is not yet publicly available.

[Current Feature Set]
API change policy


A spine based program
A spine based library
A complete application framework
Creating digital environments
Allowing the user to travel and affect the world
More functionality
Common tasks
Helpful tools


Client/Server and Model-View-Controller
Controlling Spine
Application Protocols
Drawing Graphics
Playing Sounds
Handling the users

Programming Reference

Important Terminology
Spine API Overview
Basic Types
Reference Documentation by Doxygen
Alphabetical Index

Pricing and Licencing

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