Immersive Digital Environment


The Virtual World

An IMMERSIVE DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT is a virtual world or scene created and presented with a computer. This environment is experienced interactively by human participants.

Virtual Reality

An immersive digital environment is similar in concept to virtual reality, but without the suggestion that actual reality is being simulated. I think this opens up the imagination to new possibilities.

Vicarious experience

People can partake in computer created situations (realistic or not) in order to see and feel what really being involved would be like, without many of the risks that come along for the ride "in the real world".


Immersiveness is the degree to which a simulated experience provides the user with the feeling of "being there".
How successful an immersive experience is at actually being truly immersive is based on the presentation, interaction and ambience of a virtual world, the skills of it's designer, as well as the presentation's relevance to the user.

Given that we are surrounded by cellular telephones, GPS units and embedded social networking, one could argue that our existence has become an Immersive Digital Environment already.

One that needs quite a bit of work, of course...

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