This is a list of links I've gathered from my internet adventures. I've tried to order them in terms of relevance to spineFORGE endeavours as much as possible. This list will continue to grow over time. I have not yet nearly finished adding all my bookmarks!


The Immersive Digital Environment is an interactive virtual reality in which you can participate on multiple levels. It is all the digital devices and software that you interact with everyday. You already live in an immersive digital environment.

3D Graphics

Vision is one of our most important senses. A primary link to the outside world. 3D computer graphics allow us to present a world of our own imaginings.


The internet is a huge digital entity supported by a massive telecommunications framework. It supports millions of users and user agents, distributed computing, and is a powerful social and political force. It is the substrate upon which the immersive digital environment is being created.

Semantic Web

The concept of an internet that carries meaning - where data is discoverable and ontology standards maintain interoperability and a lot more.


The convergence of the geospatial world of latitude and longitude, and the abstract internet of URLs.


Geographical Information Systems. Powerful technologies that power government, science, the military, and soon, your life.


Technology Progress

Us humans are enterprising beings...

Software Development

Building software - making something out of nothing. Shaping thought and patterns into tools.

Regular Expressions

A syntax for describing pattern queries


The basic transport protocol for web pages or web applications.


The document object model is a W3C standard for interfacing with XML documents. This metaphor is being extended to other technologies as well. It allows developers to use familiar ways of accessing document parts and attributes.


The common gateway interface is used to allow queries to web-servers that can manipulate server-data or return a dynamic web-page


A building block of the Semantic web - describe stuff and how it relates to other stuff.


An interesting operating system based on UNIX, but with a much more consistant philosophy

Web Design

These links provide overviews, tutorials, articles and opinions about web design today. Web design is the practive of using web technologies such as HTML and CSS to build innovative, attractive websites and web applications.


LISP is one of the oldest computer languages - and also one of the most powerful. I've not used it at all - but it makes an interesting research topic.


  • Winternals have a good reputation for providing quality system administration tools for windows


  • Spoorsim A South African who has built a rail simulator!


Software developers do not generally live healthy life-styles - heres my start to changing that:

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