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Storm Indoor
A platform for building immersive worlds must provide a mechanism for presenting and displaying a high-definition 3D world in real-time.

Spine provides a simple way to control the display capabilities of modern computing systems. It allows access to advanced rendering functions of high-performance hardware accelerated graphics cards. Spine has a plug-in renderer interface that allows different drawing systems (built-in or third party) to be swapped in or out depending on user preference. In order to do this it provides a Graphics API (Application Programming Interface), a set of standard control commands that the Spine Graphics system makes available. Spine-Based applications or programs call these commands through Spine itself. Anyone can write a graphics system for Spine by writing a plug-in module that conforms to the Spine graphics renderer standard. The Spine Software Development Kit will have more information shortly. Spine currently makes use of Microsoft DirectX 9 for its graphics capabilities on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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