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A platform for building immersive worlds must provide a way of playing back high-quality sounds situated in a 3D space. The person immersed in the scene must believe the sounds they are hearing are coming from a certain direction.

A sound system for immersive worlds must allow mixing of multiple sounds together with music. It must allow fast filtering and possibly generation of sounds in real-time.
Spine gives you access to advanced sound playback and mixing capabilities of today's computer hardware-accelerated audio cards. As with it's Graphics system, Spine has a plug-in sound interface that allows different sound playback modules to be swapped in or out. Similarly, this is achieved via a Sound API (or Application Programming Interface), a set of standard control commands that can be called by a Spine-based program. Anyone can write a sound system for Spine by writing a plug-in module that conforms to the Spine sound-system interface. The Spine Software Development Kit will have more information shortly.
Spine currently makes use of DirectX Audio as it's sound driver.

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