Spine: An Introduction


What is SPINE?

A platform for building immersive digital environments

S P I N E is a lightweight software framework designed to help you build any kind of immersive, interactive computer-generated environment.

Spine will help you create software that can visualize 3D environments and presentations that can be applied in a multitude of ways. Any kind of useful (or useless) functionality can be built into a life-like, real-world model, or an imaginary immersive 3D interface that will engage participants and invoke awe and curiosity.

I am particularly interested in the use of Spine as a framework for building immersive filter programs: applications that provide methods of displaying information in ways that endow human beings with high-speed data access and assilimilation capabilities. This type of application would make full use of the major features that Spine offers:

Basic Services

Spine was designed to be easy by being self-explanatory. Spine provides features that help remove some of the difficulties inherent in building complicated interactive multimedia programs...

Additionally Spine provides:

S P I N E is a simple, coherent toolkit that takes away much of the difficulties of integrating a functional, real-time, multi-user 3D environment into an application, educational tool, or artwork.

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