Spine: An Introduction


Connected worlds

Spine was designed from the start to support "distributed applications": software with which multiple users can share the experience and manipulation of a virtual structure, environment or concept. I hope that Spine could power the next generation of collaborative presentation, visualization and communication software.

An immersive digital environment is a powerful tool, and even more so if it runs in a distributed fashion, over a computer network. This allows multiple people and computers to interact together in the same simulated environment.

Spine is built from the ground up to support networked environments built on Client-Server, or Model-View-Controller architectures. Developers are encouraged (unless for the purpose of special tricks of course) to split the design of their applications into focused modules.

The separation of functionality achieved with the Model-View-Controller architecture provides a mental framework with which to securely and speedily build a powerful, robust, networked immersive application.

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