spineFORGE software aims to provide tools that simplify many aspects of the development of interactive digital experiences.

My focus is designing and building software components that enable application developers to construct interactive digital models of real-world environments, imaginary structures and build unique and powerful user interfaces.

I am developing various demo projects around the core technology, that I hope to eventually turn into marketable solutions for various sectors.

Chris at the rAge Expo

Also under investigation are intelligent "ambient" applications, web3D, and also applying immersive visualization to the task of information filtering and presentation.

I hope that the fruits of my labour one day enable application programmers, digital artists and casual hobbyists to create something useful, easily learn techniques and apply their imagination to express themselves.

Even more ambitiously, spineFORGE hopes to enable the merging of end-user and developer, by providing systems that are inviting for non-programmers to create their own fun and useful tools.

spineFORGE software is developed by
Christopher Rose-Mathew.

Cape Town in the Spine Viewer utility

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The Team


Chris Rose-Mathew

Software Developer
Environment Designer

Content Contributors
and Advisors:

RiC Shields
Multimedia Content Creator

Sound Design and Foley
Texture Artist
Video Editor

Jean-Pierre Allers
Environment Creator

3D Artist
Texture Painter
Game Consultant

Sarah Kruger
Art Director

3D Artist

James Rose-Mathew
Sound Designer

Video Editor

Karl Penzhorn

Open Source Integrator
Scripting Research
User Interface Design
Market and Tool Research


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